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XICHI Electric's Participation in The Shanghai EP Power Exhibition Was A Complete Success

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-24      Origin: Site


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From November 15th to 17th, the 31st Shanghai International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology ("EP Power Exhibition"), sponsored by the China Electricity Council and the State Grid, was grandly opened at the S

hanghai New International Expo Center. XICHI Electric with its multi-line products once again became a highlight of the exhibition.

The core products of XICHI Electric are: XICHI Electric Products 2023

Soft starter (CMC, CMV)

Frequency inverter (XFC, CFV)

Active power filterStatic var generator

Power supply non-disturbance switching control device, mid-line security controller, hybrid compensation device, three-phase current unbalance control device, intelligent capacitor and harmonic protector, etc.

XICHI in 2023 EP Power Exhibition 3During the three-day exhibition, we had a steady stream of customers in front of our booth, inquiring about product technology and usage. Our staff patiently shared and explained with customers to understand the new demand points of different users as well as some questions and confusions that customers encountered in actual work (equipment site). Our technical engineers had in-depth exchanges with the merchants and were recognized by the customers. They hope to have deeper exchanges and cooperation with our company.

At this exhibition, we have in-depth communication and interaction with new and old users. Established good relationships with new users and actively introduced our product features, advantages and practical application cases. At the same time, we also conducted more in-depth communications with old users to collect feedback and suggestions for further optimization and improvement. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we can meet the needs of users and create more value for them.

XICHI in 2023 EP Power Exhibition 1XICHI in 2023 EP Power Exhibition 2

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