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3-phase Current Unbalance Treatment Device

The three-phase current unbalance treatment device can effectively treat the key problems such as three-phase unbalance, low terminal voltage, two-way compensation reactive current and harmonic pollution existing in the transformation and upgrading of the distribution network.
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Features of power distribution device

  • The three-phase unbalanced current in the distribution network is compensated, and the current unbalance is reduced to less than 3%. 

  • Reduce the neutral current in the distribution network.

  • Compensate the capacitive or inductive reactive power of the system and increase the power factor to 0.99. 

  • Control the harmonic current in the system.

  • The short-range wireless monitoring handheld terminal using WIFI technology is convenient for ground monitoring settings.

  • Optional remote GPRS background monitoring system, mobile phone/PC remote monitoring column equipment.

  • It has the self-adaptive function of the power grid phase sequence, and the phase line connection can be in any order.


Compensation capacity / Kvar





AC input

Rated voltage

400V (士20%)

working frequency

(50士2) Hz

Wiring method

Three-phase four-wire system

CT requirements

Require 3 CTs (Class0.5 or above accuracy) 5VA,

and the current on both sides of the CT is 5A

Technical Parameter

The efficiency of the whole machine

≥97%, Exceed the capacity, compensate according to the max capacity

Power consumption

≤3% Rated Capacity

Operating frequency


Unbalance compensation

Selective elimination of unbalance and zero-sequence current can be set directly, and the current unbalance after compensation can be reduced to within 3%

Reactive power compensation

Selective compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive power can be set directly, and the power factor after compensation can reach 0.99

Harmonic compensation

compensate 2~13th harmonic

Circuit topology

Three-level full digital control

Harmonic level setting

Unbalance, reactive power, neutral current and harmonics can be individually set

Suppression characteristics

Within the compensation capacity range of the device, the compensation rate is greater than 95%; 

when it exceeds the compensation capacity range of the device, compensation shall be made according to the max capacity

Response time


Cooling method

Forced air cooling  

  -20℃~+60℃   IP44



Ambient temperature


Storage temperature



Max 95%RH (non-condensation)

Protection grade

IP44(other protection grades can be customized)

Mechanical properties

Cabinet size


Other dimensions can be customized  

Shell material

Stainless steel, other materials can be customized

Incoming line

side incoming

Monitoring method

Handheld Terminal

wireless handheld terminal, full color touch screen, wifi directly connected to the device on the pole

GPRS background

Optional GPRS communication accessories, monitoring equipment anytime, anywhere

Operating characteristics

It can operate independently and safely and stably around the clock, without affecting the normal operation of other equipment in the system, and without endangering the security of the power grid. The module has protection measures such as over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, over-current, short circuit and system self-diagnosis function. If there is a short circuit and other faults inside the module, it can be automatically protected without affecting the external power system. When the compensation capacity required by the load is greater than the rated compensation capacity, it can continue to compensate according to the output capacity of the body, and stop running without overloading or causing equipment damage.



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