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XiChi XPQ Active Filters are used for Harmonic Reduction in Haier IOT Center. The active power harmonic filter (APF/AHF) suppresses the harmonic current on the load side to a great extent, and the overall harmonic filtering effect is obvious.

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CMC-MX soft starter is suitable for starting and protecting general squirrel-cage AC asynchronous motors. Adapted motor power from 7.5kW to 280kW. It can smoothly start/stop the motor without steps, avoid mechanical and electrical shocks caused by traditional methods such as direct start, star/delta start, auto-coupling step-down start, etc.

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Using VFD for speed regulation, it is convenient to realize multi-stage speed regulation of mining winches, and improve system stability and safety. It reduces operation failures and downtime, saves manpower and material resources, improves coal transportation capacity, and also has considerable indirect economic benefits.

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The VFD has achieved remarkable power-saving effect when used in the drive control of fans and pumps. It is an ideal speed control method. It not only improves the equipment efficiency, but also meets the production process requirements, and greatly reduces the equipment maintenance and repair costs, and also reduces the shutdown period.


XFC500 variable frequency drive is used in amusement ride to realize functions such as speed regulation, energy saving, and protection of mechanical equipment. With small size, light weight, large torque, high precision, strong function, high reliability, simple operation, easy communication and other functions.

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The soft starter integrates motor soft start, soft stop and multi-function protection. In the heating industry, soft starters can be used in various applications of squirrel-cage asynchronous motors that do not require speed regulation, especially suitable for various pump loads or fan loads that require soft start and soft stop.

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The harmonic control technology of active filter equipment is one of the effective means to improve the quality of power supply. After the popularization and application of APF in the power supply system of hospital buildings, the generated harmonics can be controlled within the minimum range. Realize scientific and rational use of electricity, restrain grid pollution, improve power quality, ensure the safety of medical equipment, and bring huge economic and social benefits to users.

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In the process of starting the motor, the soft starter gradually changes the conduction angle of the thyristor, so that the starting current of the motor rises smoothly from zero to the maximum value. The whole process runs smoothly, the reliability of the motor power supply is high, the impact torque on the mechanical load is reduced, the impact on the motor itself is small, and the service life of the motor and the entire equipment is prolonged.

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CFV9000A series high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation system, with high-speed DSP as the control core, adopts space voltage vector control technology and cell-series multi-level technology, with high reliability, easy operation and high performance as the design goals, to meet the needs of users for various load adjustments.


APF can not only compensate various harmonics, but also suppress flicker and compensate reactive power; the filtering characteristics are not affected by system impedance, etc., which can eliminate the risk of resonance with system impedance; it has an adaptive function, which can automatically track and compensate for changing Harmonics, that is, have the characteristics of high controllability and fast response.

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