Medium-voltage Soft Starters (3kV~10kV)
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Medium-voltage Soft Starters (3kV~10kV)

CMV series medium-voltage solid-state soft start devices (referred to as MV soft starter) is designed to start, stop, control and protect motors.

Suitable for 3kV to 10kV squirrel cage asynchronous and synchronous motors, it is an ideal high-voltage motor starting and protection equipment.

The use of medium-voltage soft starters can reduce the starting inrush current of the motor, reduce the impact on the power grid, motor and mechanical equipment, in order to extend the service life of the equipment, reduce failures and downtime.


This device can be used well with various electromechanical equipment such as water pumps, fans, compressors, pulverizers, mixers, and belt conveyors.

Widely used in electric power, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and steel, papermaking and other industries.

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