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3 phase Soft Starter for induction motor AC380V 7.5-630kW

  For standard load and heavy load;
  High control precision;
  Main circuit: 3-in and 6-out;
  Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol (optional);
  Integrated with advanced protective function;
  Fireproof material;
  Movable panel;
  Easy maintenance;
  4-digit display.
  • CMC-LX

  • 3phase AC 380V±15% (Standard&Internal delta wiring)

  • Ordinary squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor

  • 7.5 ~ 630kW

  • Universal model, widely suitable for various mechanical loads. Typically used for fans, pumps, compressors, etc.

3 phase Motor Soft Starter Services Conditions

Control power External AC110V-10% to AC220V+15%, 50/60Hz
Built-in Internal integrated control power supply, no need for external
3-phase power supply

Standard wiring AC380V ±15%

Internal delta wiring AC380V±15%

Nominal current 18A~1200A, 23 rated values in total
Applicable motor Ordinary squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor
Start mode Voltage ramp start, current ramp start
Stop mode Free stop, Soft stop
Protective function Phase loss, overcurrent, SCR protection, overheating, phase current imbalance
Start frequency Frequent or infrequent startup can be done, it is recommended that the number of startups per hour does not exceed 10 times
Logical input Impedance 1.8 KΩ, power supply +24V
Cooling type Natural cooling or forced air cooling
IP IP00, IP20
Installation type Wall mounted
Communication method RS485(Optional)
Environmental condition

When sea altitude is above 2,000m, soft starter should be derated for use

Ambient temperature: -25 ~ +45°C

Relative humidity: less than 95% (20°C±5°C)

Free of flammable, explosive and corrosive gas or conductive dust.

Indoor installation, good ventilation, vibration less than 0.5G.

Wiring diagram for typical application

soft starter 3 phase induction motor diagram-XiChiElectric

Soft starter model Specification


*** - Adapted Motor Power. For example, 090 means 90kW

- Communication method. 0 means none; 1 means RS485

Accessories shown in below table are only for reference.

CMC-LX 380V Soft starter standard wiring specifications and accessories selection

Adapted motor power


Model of soft starter Rated current (A) Model of bypass contactor Size of primary line (copper line)
7.5 CMC-008/3-LX 18 CJX4-25 4 mm2
11 CMC-011/3-LX 24 CJX4-32 6 mm2
15 CMC-015/3-LX 30 CJX4-32 10 mm2
18.5 CMC-018/3-LX 39 CJX4-40 10 mm2
22 CMC-022/3-LX 45 CJX4-50 16 mm2
30 CMC-030/3-LX 60 CJX4-63 25 mm2
37 CMC-037/3-LX 76 CJX4-80 35 mm2
45 CMC-045/3-LX 90 CJX4-95 35 mm2
55 CMC-055/3-LX 110 CJX4-115F 35 mm2
75 CMC-075/3-LX 150 CJX4-150F 50 mm2
90 CMC-090/3-LX 180 CJX4-185F 30×4 copper bar
110 CMC-110/3-LX 218 CJX4-225F 30×4 copper bar
132 CMC-132/3-LX 260 CJX4-265F 30×4 copper bar
160 CMC-160/3-LX 320 CJX4-330F 30×4 copper bar
185 CMC-185/3-LX 370 CJX4-400F 30×4 copper bar
220 CMC-220/3-LX 440 CJX4-500F 40×5 copper bar
250 CMC-250/3-LX 500 CJX4-500F 40×5 copper bar
280 CMC-280/3-LX 560 CJX4-630F 40×5 copper bar
315 CMC-315/3-LX 630 CJX4-630F 40×5 copper bar
400 CMC-400/3-LX 780 JWCJ20-800 50×8 copper bar
470 CMC-470/3-LX 920 JWCJ20-1000 50×8 copper bar
530 CMC-530/3-LX 1000 CKJ7-1600A/1140V 50×8 copper bar
630 CMC-630/3-LX 1200 CJX4-25 50×8 copper bar

Instruction to order

To place an order, please provide product model, specification, load and application condition.

Special note: 

If client needs keyboard box to be externally placed, it is necessary to order the mounting accessoriess from manufacturer. When keyboard box is externally placed, it needs to lock the mounting fittings of external keyboard box onto door panel with its hole size of 115.5(H) * 104.2(W). For specific installation steps, please refer to  CMC-LX Soft Starter Quick Reference Guide V1.1.pdf.

Soft starter Working principle

Soft starter is a motor control device that integrates motor soft start, soft stop and various protection functions. It is connected in series between the power supply and the controlled motor.

When the soft starter is used to start the motor, the output voltage of the thyristor gradually increases, and the motor gradually accelerates until the thyristor is fully turned on, and the motor works on the mechanical characteristics of the rated voltage to achieve smooth starting, reduce starting current, and avoid starting overcurrent tripping. 

When the motor reaches the rated speed, the start-up process ends. The soft starter automatically replaces the thyristor that has completed the task with a bypass contactor, and provides rated voltage for the normal operation of the motor to reduce the heat loss of the thyristor, prolong the service life of the soft starter, improve its working efficiency, and prevent the power grid from harmonic pollution. 

The soft starter also provides a soft stop function. The soft stop is the opposite of the soft start process. The voltage gradually decreases and the speed gradually drops to zero to avoid the torque shock caused by the free stop.


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