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High Voltage Power Control Cabinet

CPV series high voltage power control cabinet is a standard load power control device used to control and protect high voltage AC loads. Standard CPV products are mainly composed of the following components: high-voltage thyristor modules, thyristor protection components, optical fiber trigger components, high-voltage fuses, signal acquisition and protection components, system control and display components.
  • CPV

  • XiCHi

Description of thyristor controller

  • Thyristor module:

    Thyristors with the same parameters in each phase are installed together in series and parallel. Depending on the peak voltage requirements of the grid used, the number of thyristors in series is selected.

  • Valve body protection unit: 

    Including an overvoltage absorption network composed of an RC network and a voltage equalization protection network composed of a voltage equalization unit.

  • Optical fiber trigger components:

    Strong trigger pulse electrical appliances are used to ensure the consistency and reliability of triggering, and optical fiber triggering is used for reliable high and low voltage isolation.

  • High-voltage fuse components: 

    Play the role of protecting the load and the internal components of the power regulator.

  • Signal acquisition and protection components: 

    The main circuit voltage and current signals are collected through voltage transformers, current transformers, lightning arresters, and zero-sequence current transformers, and the main CPU controls and performs corresponding protection.

  • Full digital control, high stability.

  • Integrate the functions of phase shift, power adjustment and LZ control.

  • Have multi-channel switch and analog input and output interfaces.

  • The input and output interfaces all use isolation technology, with strong anti-interference ability.

  • Using high-voltage power thyristor, component structure, modular design, easy to install and maintain

  • It has multiple overvoltage absorption and protection technologies.

  • Using the well-known foreign digital trigger and optical fiber isolation technology with high anti-interference, the high and low voltage of the device can be reliably isolated.

  • RS-485 communication interface, standard MODBUS protocol, can communicate with host computer or centralized control center.

  • All circuit boards have undergone strict aging experiments and undergo three-proof treatment: the main board and all controlled CPUs are all imported products.

  • Voltage sampling adopts electromagnetic voltage transformer, which has good sampling linearity, strong anti-interference and no zero drift.

Main circuit voltage

3000-1000KVAC     50/60±2Hz

Control voltage

150~240AC        50/60Hz

Output voltage

0-98% of main circuit voltage (phase shift control)

Operating Mode

Phase Shift, Zero Crossing, LZ Control

Control method

U  I  U2  I2 P

Control signal

Analog, digital, communication

Load nature

Resistive load, Inductive load


Overcurrent protection, Overheat protection, Phase loss protection, Load unbalance protection, Overvoltage and undervoltage protection and Zero sequence protection, etc.

Input and output

Multiple analog input and output, multiple switching input and output

Display interface

LCD display, touch screen display (optional)


RS485 communication interface, Modbus RTU communication protocol

Cooling mode

Forced air cooling

Protection class



Application Cases

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