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Variable Frequency Drives

AC drives are also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), frequency converters, variable speed drives (VSDs).

Model Description:

XICHI XFC series vfds are all general-purpose vector control vfds, which are used to realize the control and regulation of asynchronous motors.

Typical industrial applications:

HVAC: fans, pumps, central air conditioning, fountains, tunnel ventilation...;

Machine tool industry: lathes, milling machines, grinders, planers, drilling machines, punching machines...;

Rubber and plastics industry: extruder, sheet machine, curling equipment, slitting machine...;

Printing industry: offset printing machine, screen printing machine, flexo printing machine...;

Textile industry: roving frame, jigger, setting machine...;

Lifting industry: tower cranes, hoists, winches...;

CFV series is a high-high voltage source frequency inverter, which can be adapted to 6KV, 10KV ordinary asynchronous or synchronous motors. One-piece design, easy to transport and install.

Can be used for fans, water pumps; hoists, belt conveyors and other loads.

  • Vector control VFD for pump and fan motor control XFC550
    Model: XFC550 Frequency Converter
    Supply Voltage: 3 phase 380V~480V
    Applicable motor: AC motor
    Motor Power: 1.5(2hp) ~ 450 kW (600hp)
    Application: General-purpose loads, such as pumps, fans, compressors, etc
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  • Low Voltage AC Drive
    Model: XFC500 Frequency Converter
    Supply Voltage: 3 phase 380~480V
    Applicable motor: AC Motor
    Motor Power: 1.5~450kW
    Application: For various automatic production equipment, fans, pumps and other general equipment.
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  • High Voltage AC Drive
    Model: CFV9000A Frequency Converter
    Supply Voltage: 6kV / 10kV
    Applicable motor: AC motor
    Motor Power: 200 ~ 560kW(6kV) / 200~1000kW(10kV)
    Application: Suitable for general loads such as fans and pumps
    Features: Small size and space saving; Overall transportation, easy to install.
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