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What is the use of Static Var Generator?

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Static Var Generator

Static Var Generator, abbreviated as SVG. Also known as high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation generator, or static synchronous compensator. It refers to a device for dynamic reactive power compensation by a power semiconductor bridge converter with free commutation. SVG is currently the best solution in the field of reactive power control.

Reactive power

In the power grid, there are two kinds of electric power supplied by the power source to the load: one is active power, and the other is reactive power.

Active power is the electrical power required to maintain the normal operation of electrical equipment, that is, electrical power that converts electrical energy into other forms of energy (mechanical energy, light energy, thermal energy).

Reactive power is more abstract, it is the electric power used for electric and magnetic fields in circuits, and used to establish and maintain magnetic fields in electrical equipment. All electrical equipment with electromagnetic coils will consume reactive power to establish a magnetic field. For example, a 40W fluorescent lamp needs 40W active power (the ballast also needs to consume a part of the active power) to emit light, and also needs about 80var of reactive power for the coil of the ballast to establish an alternating magnetic field. Because it does not work externally, it is called "reactive work".

Reactive power is not useless power, it is very useful. The motor needs to establish and maintain a rotating magnetic field to make the rotor rotate, thereby driving the mechanical movement. The rotor magnetic field of the motor is established by obtaining reactive power from the power supply. The transformer also needs reactive power to generate a magnetic field in the primary coil of the transformer and induce a voltage in the secondary coil. Therefore, without reactive power, the motor will not rotate, the transformer will not change the voltage, and the AC contactor will not pull in.

Why use SVG?

Static Var Generator_XiCHi ElectricIn the power system, in order to reduce the power loss caused by the distribution network providing a large amount of reactive current to the load, a reactive power compensation device of the corresponding voltage level needs to be configured at each power receiving point to improve the power transmission capacity of the power grid and save energy.

Reduce power line loss by more than 50%.

Improve power factor and avoid fines.

The load rate of electricity consumption can be improved without additional investment.

Improve power quality, prolong the life of electrical appliances, and improve product quality.

SVG Application

Reactive power compensation devices should be equipped in places where low-voltage transformers are installed and next to large electrical equipment, especially those industrial and mining areas, enterprises and residential areas with low power factor.

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