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Congrats! XiChi’s Two mining HV soft-start cabinets have passed safety certification

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-20      Origin: Site


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Recently, the general mining type high-voltage motor soft-start cabinets independently developed and produced by Xichi Electric. Models GKGR-250/10 and GKGR-100/10 successfully passed a series of tests and obtained the safety certificates of mining products issued by CMAC(China Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification Center).

Fig.-KA-Metal and non-metal mine mining product safety mark certificate

High voltage motor soft starter manufacturer-XiChiElectric

The acquisition of these certificates is CMAC's full affirmation of the safety and quality of our products. It shows that the general high-voltage soft-start cabinets produced by our company have met the production and use requirements of the domestic mining industry in terms of technical standards, design requirements, production process and quality control.

In the next step, we will vigorously promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and drive high-quality development with innovation.

CMAC is a professional body specializing in the management of safety signs for mining products in China. CMAC began to undertake the audit, issuance, supervision and management of safety signs for coal mining products in 1990, and expanded its business to metal and non-metal mines in 2005. Through its safety control over mining products, CMAC has been playing a basic role in preventing and reducing mine accidents by use of safety signs for mining products.

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