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CMC-LX Low Voltage Soft Starter

CMC-LX series motor soft starter is a new type of motor starting and protection device.
Rated power:  7.5kW, 11kW, 15kW, 18.5kW, 22kW, 30kW, 37kW, 45kW, 55kW, 75kW, 90kW, 110kW, 132kW, 160kW, 185kW, 220kW, 250kW, 280kW, 315kW, 400kW, 470kW, 530kW, 630kW. 
  Smooth start/stop of the motor without steps;    
✔  Avoid mechanical and electrical shocks caused by traditional starting methods;    
✔  Reduce the starting current and power distribution capacity;    
✔  Internal integrated current transformer.
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Currency:USD or RMB
Country of Origin:China
Shipping:By Air, Sea, Rail, etc.
OEM Service: Applicable
  • CMC-LX_Economical Type


  • 3 phase AC 380V±15% 

  • Squirrel-cage AC asynchronous motor  

  • 7.5 ~ 630 kW

  • General-purpose loads, such as pumps, fans, compressors, etc

  • CMC-LX Soft Starter Quick Reference Guide V1.1.pdf

Characteristics of  CMC-LX Motor soft starter     

1. SCR trigger closed-loop control algorithm    

SCR closed-loop control function, designed for standard and heavy loads. The user can select current-limiting start and voltage ramp start according to the load condition to achieve smooth torque-free oscillating start effect.        

2. High control precision    

Real-time use of Cortex-M332-bit core CPU to perform central control, with fast speed, high precision and strong anti-interference ability.         

3. Beautiful appearance    

The patent-protected main circuit has a three-in-six-out structure and a built-in current transformer, which is convenient for wiring and high reliability.        

4. Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol    

When ordering, the user can choose the standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol or not according to the needs of the site.        

5. Integrated advanced protection features    

It has protection functions such as input and output phase loss, overload, overcurrent, phase current imbalance, thyristor overtemperature, etc., to protect the motor and related equipment.        

6. Fireproof material    

Below 90KW is a full plastic shell structure, which is made of flame-retardant ABS material. The upper cover of the power section of 90KW and above is a plastic shell structure, and the main frame is made of aluminum-zinc plate material, which has heat resistance and corrosion resistance.        

7. Movable panel    

The panel can be moved to equipment operating surface through machine interface for remote control, which is convenient for on-site use.        

8. Easy maintenance     

The monitoring signal coding system composed of 4-digit digital display monitors the working conditions of the system equipment 24 hours a day, and provides fast fault diagnosis at the same time.     


Technical Parameters of CMC-LX Soft Starter     

Control power

External: AC110V-10% to 220V+15%, 50/60Hz                    

Built-in: Internal integrated control power supply, no need for external        

Three-phase Power Supply

Standard wiring AC380V±15%                    

Internal delta wiring AC380V±15%                    

Nominal current

18A--1200A, 23 rated values in total                    

Applicable motor

Ordinary squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor                    

Start ramp mode

Voltage ramp start and current ramp start                    

Stop mode

Free stop and soft stop                    

Logical input

Impedance 1.8 KΩ, power supply +24V                    

Start frequency

Frequent or infrequent startup can be done, it is recommended that the number of startups per hour does not exceed 10 times                    

Protective function

Phase failure, overcurrent, short circuit, SCR protection, overheat, phase current unbalance, wiring and inner fault                    

Protection level

IP00, IP20                    

Cooling type

Natural cooling or forced air cooling                    

Installation type

Wall mounted                    

Communication method RS485 (Optional)                

Environmental condition

When sea altitude is above 2,000m, soft starter should be derated for use.                     

Ambient temperature: -25 ~ +45°C                     

Relative humidity: less than 95% (20°C±5°C)                    

Free of flammable, explosive and corrosive gas or conductive dust                     

Indoor installation, good ventilation, vibration less than 0.5G                    

Model Selection of CMC-LX Soft Starter    

Item Rated Current    



Adapted Power





18 7.5



2 24 11
3 30 15
4 39 18.5
5 45 22
6 60 30
7 76 37
8 90 45
9 110 55
10 150 75
11 180 90



12 218 110
13 260 132
14 320 160
15 370 185
16 440 220



17 500 250
18 560 280
19 630 315
20 780 400




920 470
22 1000 530
23 1200 630


Dimension of CMC-LX Soft Starter (unit: mm, 380V)    


Structure No.


Gross Weight


CMC-008-075/3-LX F005 172 320 172 156 240 6 54 35 72 55  5.1
CMC-090-185/3-LX F006 285 474 235 230 390 9 85 61 101 39 19.9
CMC-220-315/3-LX F007 320 512 235 270 415 9 97.5 60 101 39 25.8
CMC-400-630/3-LX F008 400 652 235 330 500 9 120 57 101 39 51.5


China Soft Start AC-XiChiElectricpump Soft Starter for sale-XiChiElectric    


How to order 3 phase Motor Soft Starter

  • When placing an order, please inform the supplier of the product model, specifications, load conditions and conditions of use in order to select the product correctly.

  • The standard configuration of the soft starter includes a current transformer, and users do not need to connect an external current transformer.

  • For users who have special requirements for this product, please explain to the supplier when ordering, and we will provide perfect services

A brief comparison table of XiChi's CMC-LX & CMC-HX & CMC-MX Motor Soft Starters

China 3 phase Motor Soft Starter-XICHIELECTRIC


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