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Frequency Inverter applied to glass tempering furnace

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Introduction of glass tempering furnace:

Physical method the glass tempering equipment heats the flat glass and then quenches it, so that the surface layer of the cooled glass forms compressive stress and the inside of the glass forms tensile stress, so as to improve the strength of the glass and make ordinary annealed glass into tempered glass equipment . Since this tempering method does not change the chemical composition of the glass, it is called physical glass tempering equipment.

The glass tempering furnace unit is mainly composed of four parts: placing section, convection heating section, flat tempering section, and taking section, as well as high-pressure centrifugal fan, air supply duct, air collecting box, gas circuit, electrical control cabinet, operation table, etc.

1. System requirements:

  • Human-machine interface automatic control;

  • Quick Start;

  • The opening current of the damper is instantly increased to 1.5 times or more of the rated value and lasts for about one minute;

  • Long-term low-speed operation requires large low-frequency torque and stable operation.

2. Advantages of using an VFD(variable frequency drive):

  • Low frequency and stable operation during standby, saving energy;

  • The starting current is small, the impact on the power grid and machinery is small, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged;

  • Quick start, shorten the production process and improve production efficiency;

  • Control the frequency required for fast response, and control to meet the production process requirements.

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