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Xichi APF applied to high-speed rail transfer center

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Project Overview:

Project overview

The Qindu High-speed Railway Hub Transfer Center is a key project and an important transportation hub project in Xianyang. The total construction area exceeds 143,700 square meters, and the annual passenger traffic can reach 1.5 million. The transfer center is divided into two parts: the ground floor and the underground floor, with a total investment of 762.7 million yuan. The first floor above ground is the distribution plaza in front of the station and the public leisure and urban culture plaza, the first underground floor is commercial space, and the second underground floor is a public parking lot, with a total of 2,130 parking spaces, which is a large-scale underground space project.

Up to now, the main structure of the project has been fully capped, the main structure of the Qindu High-speed Railway Hub Transfer Center has been fully reserved and pre-buried, and the mechanical and electrical installation of integrated pipelines has been completed 90%.

Xichi Active Power Filter is the product used in this project.

Active Power Filter XiCHi

XiCHi APF(Active Power Filter) advantages:

The three functions of harmonic control, reactive power compensation and three-phase unbalanced current adjustment can be combined arbitrarily, and the priority of each function can be set according to the load environment and demand to realize the compensation of typical power quality problems.

 Wide filtering range and fast response.

 The core components are imported IGBT modules with three-level topology.

 The structure design of layered heat dissipation is adopted, so that the air duct is independent, the heat dissipation performance is better, and the interference of dust and other pollutants on the control system is effectively isolated.

 The fan can be disassembled and assembled independently, which is easy and convenient to replace, and enhances the reliability of heat dissipation.

 Various capacity modules can be installed in any combination to improve the reliability and maintainability of the whole machine.

 Using a high-resolution 5-inch LCD touch screen, it can measure various operating data of the product in real time, and change the control parameters online. The operation is simple, and it can be remotely controlled through the mobile APP.

APF is a new type of power electronic device for dynamically suppressing harmonics and compensating reactive power. It can quickly track and compensate harmonics of different sizes and frequencies. Compared with the passive filter device, the active filter device has better treatment effect, and it can mainly filter out multiple and high-order harmonics at the same time without causing resonance. 

Active power filter are mainly used in the following occasions:

  • Application places of frequency conversion equipment

  • Application places with unstable load

  • Steelworks

  • Nonferrous metallurgy

  • Port machinery

  • Electrified railways

  • Office buildings, large commercial areas and other places where energy-saving lamps and air conditioners are concentrated.

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