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Application of High Voltage Soft Starter in Water Pump

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-20      Origin: Site


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Project Overview:

The 1850 water pump house of Yaojie Coal and Electricity Group used OCB(oil circuit breaker) to control high-voltage electricity, and reactor was used for starting, with large starting current and little protection function.

According to the on-site operator, the OCB is very inconvenient to power on and off, and sometimes it takes two people to pull down the switch. The starting device is a reactor. The reactor is used to start quickly, and the starting current is very large, and the start is completed in 2-3 seconds. Due to the long use time, it sometimes cannot be shut down normally, and there is no emergency stop button, requiring two people to pull the brake, which is dangerous to operate.


before after

Switchgear Retrofit:

The original OCB was changed to KYN28 cabinet, and the main power supply was controlled by a vacuum circuit breaker for power transmission and power failure, and it was equipped with a complete protection device.

The starting method of the motor is changed to CMV series high-voltage solid-state soft starting device, the on-site motor starts smoothly, and the starting current is 3 times the rated current of the motor.

hvss-pump-4 hvss-pump-3
old control box new control cabinet

After the transformation, the background is centrally controlled by computer system. The whole system is designed and manufactured by Xichi Electric, which can not only control the start and stop of the motor, but also display the operating parameters. According to the actual needs, the collection of the motor temperature and the water level of the pool is also added, so that customers can know the operating status of the equipment at any time.


This project has been recognized and praised by customers after the completion of the renovation.

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