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CFV HV Variable Frequency Drive applied to water pump speed regulation

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High-voltage AC variable frequency speed regulation technology is a new type of electric drive speed regulation technology developed rapidly in the 1990s, mainly used for variable frequency speed regulation of AC motors. With the continuous advancement of domestic manufacturers' technology, the technical level of domestic high-voltage inverters is close to the world's leading level in the same industry, and the cost performance is quite high.

Project overview:

The 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games will be held in Yulin from August 6 to August 11, 2022, with the first game starting on July 21.

The Shaanxi Provincial Games, held every four years, is the largest comprehensive sports meeting in our province and a grand event to showcase the province's youth competitive sports level and national fitness achievements. It is also a sports event to comprehensively review and display the sports work of various cities (districts) and various industries in the province.

There are 28 major events and 766 minor events in the youth group of this Provincial Games. At the same time, there are competition events for the mass group and the college student group, which are distributed in 30 sports venues.

(Source: Official website of the 17th Games of Shaanxi Province)

In this water sports center project, Xichi Electric CFV high-voltage variable frequency drive, which is mainly used to control the speed of the water pump, save energy and improve the degree of automation.

As a local enterprise in Shaanxi Province, Xichi specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of power electronic products, and also provides industrial automation system solutions. With high-quality products and professional services, we help the Provincial Games to be carried out smoothly.

The effect of HV Variable Frequency Drive applied to water pump motor:

  • The frequency inverter is used to control the water pump, which reduces the impact on the pipe network when the water pump starts, stops and adjusts the water volume;

  • Keep the opening of the pump outlet valve at the maximum, adjust the water supply by changing the output frequency (motor speed) of the inverter, and save the energy wasted on the valve when adjusting the water supply by changing the valve opening;

  • The water pressure closed-loop control is realized through the frequency inverter to realize the constant water pressure of the pipe network.

  • Since the inverter realizes the flexible start of the motor, the starting current is greatly reduced, and there is no impact on the unit, which prolongs the service life of the equipment, greatly reduces the maintenance workload of the equipment, and reduces the maintenance cost. Soft stop has no impact on the grid.

  • After the frequency inverter is put into operation, because the power factor of the grid side increases to more than 0.96, under various loads, the current on the grid side drops greatly, and the reactive current of the motor is directly compensated by the frequency inverter.

CFV9000A high voltage frequency inverter

Rated Power:CFV9000A high voltage frequency inverter-XiChiElectric

6KV: 200KW~5000KW (two-quadrant)

10KV: 200KW~9000KW (two-quadrant)

6KV: 200KW~2500KW (four-quadrant)

10KV: 200KW~3250KW (four-quadrant)

Cooling method: forced air cooling

Advantages: Modular design of the control system, small harmonics, precise speed regulation, good sealing performance of the power unit, and strong environmental adaptability.

Applicable loads: fans, pumps, elevators, belt conveyors, etc.

CFV9000A series high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation system, with high-speed DSP as the control core, adopts space voltage vector control technology and cell-series multi-level technology, with high reliability, easy operation and high performance as the design goals, to meet the needs of users for various load adjustments. It is a high-voltage source type inverter to meet the needs of fast energy saving and improvement of production process.

Its harmonic index is far less than the harmonic standard of IE519-1992, the input power factor is high, and the output waveform quality is good, and it is not necessary to use input harmonic filter, power factor compensation device and output filter;

There is no additional heating and torque ripple, noise, output dv/dt, common mode voltage and other problems of the motor caused by harmonics, and ordinary asynchronous (or synchronous) motors can be used.


1. Vector control, fast response

2. Multi-machine linkage, power balance

3. Waveform display and record comprehensive

4. Black box function, intelligent analysis

5. Temperature segmentation, early warning

6. Undisturbed switching to avoid impact

7. High and low crossing, no fear of fluctuations (100%-0%)

8. Dual-source power supply, stable, reliable and fast response

9. Cabinet anti-interference, electromagnetic compatibility

10. Dustproof and waterproof, closed cycle

Other technical features:

1. Speed start technology

2. Color human-machine interface

3. Star drift technology

4. a variety of control methods

5. High power density

6. Perfect protection mechanism

7. DC braking technology

8. Current limiting technology

9. Overvoltage stall technology

10. Acceleration and deceleration adaptive function

Please provide the following information when ordering:

Upper power supply status

 Motor model, rated voltage, rated current, rated power, rated speed

 Motor load type (fan, water pump, etc.)

Incoming and outgoing lines of the equipment

Equipment usage environment

For other requirements, please contact us.

High-voltage motor frequency conversion speed regulation scheme:


The high-high frequency inverter is a high-voltage power supply directly sent to the high-voltage inverter after the high-voltage switch cabinet, and after the high-voltage frequency conversion, directly supplies the voltage to the stator of the high-voltage motor.

The high-high scheme adopts the unit series connection (IGBT), and uses the principle of shifting and superposition to effectively suppress harmonic interference, so that the output waveform is almost sinusoidal.

It has the following advantages:

  • There is no need to add any output filtering or power compensation device, the use efficiency can be as high as 97%, and the power factor is high. Without any compensation device, when the load is 20%, the power factor is greater than 95%. The load is not caused by harmonics. The pulsating torque is generated, which can avoid the load resonance and prolong the service life of the motor and mechanical equipment;

  • It can make the main motor and cable insulation avoid damage by dv/dt stress;

  • The motor is not affected by common mode voltage;

  • There is no limit to the length of the motor cable within the allowable range of voltage drop;

  • No pollution to the power grid;

  • The main device has high reliability due to the redundant design, and can adapt to extreme working conditions;

  • The power unit has an automatic bypass function, which can improve the reliability of the power supply;

  • It has the function of non-stop after instantaneous power failure. When the power supply voltage drops instantaneously or the power is cut off (within 5S), the inverter will not stop. After the power supply voltage is restored, it will re-accelerate immediately and return to its original state;

  • When the power supply is momentarily cut off, the inverter will not stop running within 300ms.

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