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Smart capacitor principle, features and advantages

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Smart capacitors integrate advanced technologies such as modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication, automatic control, and power capacitors. It changes the backward controller technology of traditional reactive power compensation devices and the backward switching technology of mechanical contactors or mechatronic switches as switching capacitors, and changes the bulky and cumbersome structure mode of traditional reactive power compensation devices.

The new generation of low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment has better compensation effect, smaller size, lower power consumption, lower price, more cost saving, more flexible use, more convenient maintenance, longer service life and higher reliability. Features, adapt to the higher requirements of modern power grid for reactive power compensation.

How does power capacitor work?

The design principle of smart capacitors is relatively simple and unique. It has built-in temperature sensors and current mutual sensors, which can monitor the temperature and current inside the capacitors in real time, which is more convenient for on-site wiring work, and fully guarantees the safety of smart capacitors in the state of voltage phase loss protection.low voltage capacitor price -XiChiElectric

Combination capacitor performance characteristics

1. Modular structure

Smart capacitors are modular in structure, small in size, simple in field wiring, and easy to maintain. It is only necessary to increase the number of modules to realize the expansion of the reactive power compensation system.

2. High quality capacitors

The self-healing low-voltage compensation capacitor is adopted, and the capacitor has a built-in temperature sensor, which reflects the internal heating level of the capacitor and realizes over-temperature protection.

3. Embedded switching switch module

The smart capacitor has built-in switching module. The switching switch module is composed of thyristor, magnetic latching relay, zero-crossing trigger conduction circuit and thyristor protection circuit, which realizes "zero switching" of capacitors, and ensures no inrush current impact and no operating overvoltage during switching. The switch module has a fast response speed and can be operated frequently.

4. Perfect protection design

Smart capacitors have functions such as power failure protection, short circuit protection, voltage phase loss protection, capacitor over-temperature protection, etc., which can effectively ensure the safety of capacitors and prolong equipment life.

5. Advanced control technology

The control physical quantity is reactive power, and the reactive power flow prediction and delay multi-point sampling technology are used to ensure that there is no oscillation in switching. When overloaded, reactive power is fully compensated.

6. Anti-switching oscillation technology

The unique design principle is adopted to prevent the uncompensated or overcompensated scene caused by the controller crashing, and to prevent the capacitor switching oscillation.

7. Automatic compensation for reactive power

The smart capacitor automatically switches according to the size of the load reactive power, dynamically compensates the reactive power, and improves the power quality. Smart capacitors can be used in a single unit, or multiple units can be used online.

8. Friendly man-machine interface

Display current, voltage, reactive power and other equipment operating parameters. Display switching status, composite switch module fault status, communication status. And it is convenient to realize debugging/working state switching, manual/automatic operation functions.

The role of low voltage capacitor

The main function of smart capacitors is to save energy, reduce electrical losses, and play the role of reactive power compensation. It plays a very important role in the national power system and saves a lot of electricity.

Capacitor device advantages

1. Zero control through software technology

When used, smart capacitors are mainly self-healing low-voltage power capacitors, which can intelligently control the measurement and control center. In addition, it has adopted the software technology of microelectronics to achieve zero control of transistors, which can effectively protect the entire mechanical equipment, and can achieve mechanical maintenance of the equipment in a short period of time.

2. The use of intelligent network

When smart capacitors are used, there will be more independent research results. It will conduct independent research and development through network technology, sensor technology and the latest electronic technology, and intelligently network all combinations. For some traditional products, the operation is simpler.

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