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Good news! Xichi Electric was selected into the list of Xi'an Industrial Brand Cultivation Enterprises

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-30      Origin: Site Inquire

Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of industrial brand cultivation enterprises in 2022. 22 companies including Xi'an Xichi Electric are listed as industrial brand cultivation companies.

Figure - Notice of Announcement of the List of Industrial Brand Cultivation Enterprises in 2022soft starter manufacturer-XiChiElectric

Strengthening the cultivation of industrial brands, on the one hand, is to cope with the complex international situation, on the other hand, it is also a strategic task to adjust the industrial structure, transform the development mode and enhance the competitiveness of products.

Xichi Electric has been focusing on the field of motor drive control for more than 20 years, independently developed more than 100 products, and owns more than 100 core intellectual property rights.

In the process of the company's development, it has gradually won wide acclaim from customers through its high-quality, cost-effective products and efficient services, establishing a good reputation and laying the foundation for the company's brand building. At present, Xichi already has a certain reputation and influence in the electrical industry.

Under the guidance of the brand strategy, Xichi Electric will further deepen the awareness of brand building. Through continuous improvement of brand management, we will strengthen brand building based on quality, reputation, culture, etc., so as to improve brand social awareness, recognition, and user reputation and loyalty. Promote the improvement of the core competitiveness of the enterprise through brand building, making Xichi an independent brand with international influence.

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