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3 utility patents for motor soft start control system were approved

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-12      Origin: Site Inquire

Recently, 3 utility model patents related to motor soft starter and variable frequency control system of Xichi Electric have been authorized by the SIPO(State Intellectual Property Office).

The patent names are as follows.

High voltage solid state soft starter with reactive power compensation

■ Technical field - the field of motor starting equipment.

China medium voltage soft starter-XiChiElectric

■ What is it for?

Solve the problem of low power factor of the grid caused by the large phase difference between voltage and current during the operation of asynchronous motors in the prior art.

■ Advantages:

ⅰ. The solid-state motor soft starting device in the example of this patent can achieve the following effects to a greater extent on the basis of satisfying the step-down starting function of the high-voltage motor:

ⅱ. Improve the security and stability of the power grid;

reduce network consumption;

ⅲ. Significantly improve the transmission capacity of the existing grid;

ⅳ. Improve user-side power quality;

ⅴ. Improve power efficiency and motor utilization.

An integrated pumping station control system based on the association of frequency converters and soft starters

■ Technical field: Integrated pump station electrical control system

soft starter for large motors-XiChiElectric

■ What is it for?

This system can be used to solve the problem of wasting resources and unable to adjust for flood peaks in existing storage tanks during water storage and drainage.

■ Advantages:

This system is equipped with two sets of pump stations, a high-voltage frequency converter and a low-voltage soft starter, which control the high-pressure and low-pressure water pumps respectively. It can adapt to various load occasions such as light load and heavy load of the water pump. High efficiency and energy saving, prolong the service life of equipment.

A kind of sand and gravel aggregate transfer, crushing and screening system based on soft starter control

■ Technical fieldStart-up control of sand and gravel aggregate conveying, crushing and screening systems

■ What is it for?

This system is used to solve the following situations:

  1. In the case that the sand and gravel plant is not equipped with a soft starter, the damage to the production equipment and the impact on the power grid during the start and stop process;

  2. And the situation that the automation and intelligence of the sand and gravel production line is not high.

■ Advantage:

  • The system has complete monitoring equipment and powerful control functions, which is easy to realize automation and can be controlled remotely;

  • Perfect protection function, multiple startup modes, no current and mechanical impact, prolong the service life of the equipment;

  • High safety, maintenance-free, compact and space-saving.

  • Microcomputer control, real-time display on LCD screen, free adjustment.

Since its establishment in 2002, Xichi Electric has always attached importance to the practical transformation of research and development results. Taking innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, we will continue to improve the innovation system, encourage and stimulate employees' enthusiasm for innovation, enhance the core competitiveness and comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and promote green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

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